Carousel Bearing

What is a Carousel Warehouse?

A carousel warehouse, also known as a carousel, is a dynamic warehouse in which the racks are constantly moving until the goods either reach their storage point or can be removed. Basically, the carousel warehouse is an automated storage unit which uses several shelving units used for moving warehouse items along a track to an operator or designated spot.

By utilising the height of the room, carousel storage systems are characterised by a very high storage density. The carousel warehouse can be built up to 50 meters high, extendable both vertically and horizontally. It is especially advantageous where it is important to store and provide goods as quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently as possible.

Carousel storage systems can be flexibly adapted to all tasks and allow efficient processing of all picking orders. The result is greater flexibility, greater transparency and more efficient processes – even at peak times. With carousel warehouse, personnel and storage costs are significantly reduced.

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