What customers say about Saloodo!


Melina Exner & Michael Ehrecke
A logo of Caloro.

''Saloodo! shines with its excellent service. The friendly staff always take time for us and our orders are processed promptly and carefully. No matter the situation, Saloodo! gives its best to make us happy. Even if we plan to transport larger shipments that would be otherwise difficult to deliver, we can always count on Saloodo! to help us ship."

Moritz Goertz
HUECK Rheinische GmbH

"Since we have been using Saloodo!, it has been very easy for us to compare different carrier offers.  The clarity of Saloodo! is outstanding and even beginners find their way around immediately.  Thanks to Saloodo!, we have been able to reduce our shipping costs and shorten our transport times.  We hope that the range of carriers and program features will grow in the future and can recommend Saloodo! to any shipper."

Christian Körner, Partner Manager
A logo from Brands4Friends.

"Saloodo offers us a completely new possibility to handle our transports cheaply and safely with little effort. At the same time we receive all necessary documents automatically. Should something go wrong, the support is immediately available. My team enjoys working with Saloodo!"

Alex Müller
A logo of AkkuShop

''Saloodo! is really easy to use. Just select what you want to ship, enter the pickup & delivery addresses and then wait for offers. This saves a lot of time and money. Before we worked with Saloodo!, we had a freight forwarder with whom we placed all freight orders - no matter the cost."

Marc Bichel

"We have been using Saloodo! for a long time for our transport orders. It saves us a lot of time. An example: In order to be able to compare the offers of transport companies, we used to have to call the transporters individually and then compare the prices. Now I simply enter my request into the platform and all offers are displayed at a glance. Also the customer service is absolutely uncomplicated - simply good. I would always recommend Saloodo! to a friend. You can't send faster and more uncomplicated."

Brigitte Schärtel

„Saloodo! is the ideal platform for us. Especially because we ship pallets irregularly. The platform is easy to operate. The offers can be received in a few minutes. With Saloodo! we were able to significantly reduce our shipping costs. So far we are very satisfied with the process and can only recommend Saloodo! to others.“

Peter Sarewski
Sarewski Musterbau

"Saloodo! is the ideal freight and transport platform for us. Saloodo! offers economical transport solutions especially in our business, where only a few pallets or freight consignments are required. The platform is easy to understand and operate. Within a few minutes, you receive suitable offers from professional logistics service providers. This saves time and money. The support team is also always friendly and ready to deal with our concerns."

Antonio Maiocchi
NKF Media

''Saloodo gives us the chance to select between many different logistics providers at once, thus permitting us to save money and time in the process. No wonder then that Saloodo has quickly become the standard when it comes to book a Freight transport here at NKF Media! The whole inquiry and booking experience is smooth and frictionless. With Saloodo, what used to be quite a daunting task has now become an easy and rewarding process."

Tristan Brümmer
A logo of JoyBräu.

''We chose Saloodo! because of the ever-increasing complexity in the logistics market. Thanks to the large selection of freight forwarders, we can always select the best offer within a very short time. The communication and the process are running smoothly. Saloodo! not only saves time but also costs!"

Jutta Ahlfeldt
Ahlfeldt Print UG

''Everything went well, the delivery was picked up on time, and most importantly, it was a super punctual delivery. The Saloodo! customer service staff are also very helpful and friendly. We will be happy to order the next transports via Saloodo! again. Thank you very much!"

Ulrike Seeger

''Since I had to organize transports irregularly, I had also no firm forwarding agent. When I got to the homepage of Saloodo! over a year ago, I was skeptical at first. Nevertheless, I quickly registered with a few clicks and stopped the first transport - immediately, the first offer came and others followed. I was totally thrilled! I chose the best offer and everything went great. Today Saloodo! is my only point of contact for my transports. I am always offered professional and economical transport solutions. I have had very good experiences throughout. Even with difficult transports, the support is fast, friendly and very competent."

''The selection of forwarding agents on Saloodo! is of course extremely positive. So we always have the opportunity to choose which carrier is most suitable for our freight. So far we have not had any negative experiences and according to our experience we do not expect it at all. If something should hang somewhere, often a phone call is enough and the problem is solved.We have been with Saloodo! for a while now and can see that the platform is constantly evolving."

Dr. Diana Siebert
Fleether Mühle

"We have really had very good experiences with Saloodo!. Whenever we buy larger purchases, I organise the transport via Saloodo! and the offers always came in the shortest possible time. The payment process via Paypal is also very easy to organize and you can print out the invoice directly. So everything is very recommendable."

Markus Jäger

"Saloodo! is a unique way for us to get shipments across the EU. It's easy and comfortable to work with – quick payment and ideal contact between Saloodo! and their customers. We as a forwarder are very happy to be part of this community and will work together with it to grow."

Markus Dirscherl

''We are a small company and do not ship pallets regularly, which is why we have to pay high prices to most shipping companies. Thanks to Saloodo! we have now been able to reduce our transport costs considerably. The handling is uncomplicated, the offer price is displayed within a short time and with a few clicks everything is done. The payment runs safely via PayPal. All previous orders were executed on time and to our satisfaction. Invoice and freight note are made available for download on the platform. We can only recommend Saloodo! to others! Many thanks for that!"

Tanja Först
Supermarkt 24

''As an online shop dealer, the dispatch of goods is part of our daily work processes. From time to time there are also deliveries in larger quantities and Saloodo! is our perfect contact! The platform is quick and easy to use, the processes are clear and understandable and the forwarding offers are not irrelevant, especially for small and medium-sized companies. All processes are documented and archived so that you can view them in your customer account at any time, even afterwards. Should something be unclear or a question arise, the customer service is there to help! Many thanks to the whole team! The idea Saloodo! is really clever and ingenious - for senders and deliverers - simply to recommend!"


Paweł Flak
Orange logistics

"I can recommend the Saloodo! platform without restrictions! Very attractive loads and competitive prices. At Saloodo! I find many interesting orders for standard trucks and light trucks. The site is very clear and easy to use. Good contact to the dispatchers of Saloodo! I have been working with them without any problems for over half a year now".

Michał Haftkowski

“The Saloodo's platform is a very useful tool for our everyday work. Notifications about new interesting offers can't let us miss the chance to find a shipment. Support is always ready to help in solving problems and the way of finalizing transactions is very simple.”

Benjamin Swiecznik
DHL Freight GmbH
A logo of DHL Freight.

"The platform is well structured and very easy to use. A number of carriers submit transport offers for our shipment requests, which means that we are already able to reduce our costs. We know that on Saloodo!, all carriers are checked extensively - this gives us a "safer" feeling about the delivery of our shipments."

Konstantin Scharf
Scharf Spedition

"We have had very good experiences with Saloodo! Saloodo! is a well structured and therefore very easy to use platform. On Saloodo! we find transport orders at short notice and find suitable loads through which we can avoid empty runs and optimally utilize our vehicles."

Cengiz Yesildag
HT Logistik
A logo of Logistik & Handling GmbH.

"With Saloodo! I can easily find short-term transport orders. This is really great for us and for how we use our transport vehicles. Through Saloodo! we can find suitable loads, fully optimize the capacity of our trucks and as a result, we can avoid empty trips. What I like in particular is the simple operation of the platform. I do not have to carry paperwork as I can collect all the documents on my personal dashboard."

A logo of Weyer Logistik.

"Thanks to Saloodo!, I now receive freight queries which I would not have received otherwise. Through the platform, Saloodo! allows us to plan truck routes at an early stage. Best is how the process handles our delivery data. Scan, print credit and that's all - it could not be easier than that!"

Christian Smets
Smets Cargo Handling

"We have been using Saloodo! for a long time and have been very enthusiastic since day one. It helps us a lot to use our vehicles even better and to reduce empty runs. Saloodo! is constantly being expanded and suggestions for improvement and criticism are very well received and quickly implemented."

Thomas Seiler

"As a freight forwarder, Saloodo! offers us a very good opportunity to increase the utilisation of the vehicle fleet through the multitude of loading offers. The offer submission and handling are very user-friendly, for questions and problem solutions the support staff is available at any time and at short notice. We are very happy to work with the Saloodo! transport platform and can recommend it without restriction."

Tobias Argendorf
Argendorf Transporte

"We appreciate the uncomplicated handling of the complete transport order via the Saloodo! system. In our dashboard, we see all transport requests from shippers that match our requirements at a glance and can then decide which requests we submit our offers to. Paperless handling and digital order management make our daily work processes much easier."

Stefan van der Beek
Marlo Expeditie BV

"Saloodo! has made it much easier for us to transport general cargo. The handling from the advertising of the transport order to the collection of the goods is super and reliable. The operation is also simple and clearly structured. Within a few minutes you get some good offers from reputable forwarding agencies. The support team was also able to help us promptly in the event of discrepancies. We can recommend Saloodo! to everyone because it saves money and above all time."

Dominic Hummel

"One of the positive surprises in the cooperation with Saloodo! is definitely the fast payment of freight invoices as well as the easy handling of the platform, which enables us to process the transport order quickly.“

Valdemaras Klimaitis
Prima Line

"In Lithuania we have been working almost exclusively digitally in the transport and logistics sector for a long time. This is why manual processes on international routes have always slowed down our business considerably. Thanks to Saloodo! we can now handle our transports fully digitised and save unnecessary costs such as administration costs. We can highly recommend Saloodo!."

Sebastian Craciun
Trans Cat

"We can only recommend a cooperation between transport companies and shippers via Saloodo! for international transport in particular. There are always misunderstandings due to language differences, different types of invoicing, etc. With Saloodo! both sides are well protected. All documents are standardized, transparently available online and payment processing is also handled by Saloodo! It couldn't be simpler."