A truck or lorry as it is used to transport freight.

Your Digital Freight Platform

Saloodo! makes it easy for shippers to find verified road freight carriers and helps carriers to find suitable LTL, PTL and FTL to optimize their truck capacities – all within a matter of clicks.

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A truck or lorry as it is used to transport freight.

Saloodo! offers B2B companies instant access to trusted road freight providers for on-demand shipments, with the freedom of choice of a marketplace and the security and convenience of a digital freight forwarder.

We simplify your daily business by providing a single and convenient interface for tracking, documentation, and payment – giving you end-to-end control to your shipment processes within a single platform.







Screenshots of the Saloodo! Driverapp and the Saloodo! dashboard in English.

Saloodo! for Shippers

Saloodo! is your digital logistics solution of choice for convenient and safe transportation of your precious cargo to your customers. You get instant offers from reliable transport companies and real-time status updates from pick-up to delivery.

Saloodo! for Carriers

Leverage a single platform to get suitable loads in real-time and optimize your fleet, assign transport jobs to your driver through our Saloodo! Driver App and profit from guaranteed fast payment with Saloodo! as your contract partner.

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