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Saloodo! connects shippers and carriers in Angola

The Online Network of Transport & Logistics in Angola

Saloodo! – Angola is an online cargo trade and advanced cargo forwarder with numerous favourable transport for organisations with transport needs. You have all the opportunity of an impartial digital marketplace center with the security and solace of an online cargo forwarder simultaneously. Carriers will discover reasonable shipment at Saloodo! – Angola to maintain constant shipping without empty runs.
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Saloodo! for Shippers
Compare carriers & book online

Instant quoting and booking

B2B transports

No hidden costs

Vetted carriers

All documents in one place

Saloodo! for Carriers
Receive transport orders & increase sales

Fast payment

One contracting party

FTL, PTL, & LTL transports

API connection

100% free of charge

Find your contact in Saloodo! - Angola

Saloodo! – Angola is used by shippers to find attractive deals for their general cargo transport as well as partial and total loads from suitable carriers.

What our customers say

"As a newly launched digital freight forwarder, we are impressed by the professional approach, accuracy, fantastic service and how the process of booking our shipments is smooth & effective. The website is user-friendly and the pickup & delivery are always on time." Read more

Al Khowahir Chemicals Mat. Trading LLC

"A strong communication, professional competency and a systematic procedure related to particular business needs are key elements for efficient and effective productivity which Cactus team have found in Saloodo family at each level of officials." Read more


“As a new platform in the transportation sector, Saloodo! Is more transparent and easy to use. Before, all our operations were conducted manually but now, thanks to Saloodo! We operate in a more professional way through bidding and submitting loading offers to shippers in a competitive manner." Read more


"We are glad to be partners within the logistics industry with Saloodo!. We enjoy working on the Saloodo! platform due to the ease of work in terms of being able to trace past orders in detail from collection to delivery and return of empty containers, all in one platform." Read more

Unigroup Transporters Limited (Kenya)

“What we like about Saloodo! is that it’s a user friendly platform and easy to access anywhere. We usually communicate only through emails which sometimes delays our operations, but thanks to Saloodo! We now have smoother process and communication, in addition ..." Read more


"We appreciate how Saloodo! Makes the process of finding loads a click away and how invoices settlement is much smoother which enables us to receive our payment in a shorter period of time. Working with Saloodo! makes it easier to run our operations, and we are glad to have it as a supporting & trustworthy partner." Read more


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