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Who we are

Saloodo! is a digital freight platform within the framework of DHL, a leading expert of road freight services in Europe. Saloodo! was founded in 2016 to connect shippers and transport providers on demand, increasing efficiency for both by enabling access to a highly fragmented market through a single digital freight platform.


The Saloodo! family comprises seasoned freight forwarders with cross-functional experience and expertise in the industry, in combination with an inventive and tireless bunch of technologists who boast scaling eCommerce marketplace giants under their belt.

Our mission is to address the everyday problems that plague the old fashioned freight forwarding industry and that hinder shippers from simply organizing their precious cargo into the hands of their customers or from their suppliers. And transport providers to fill their trucks and reduce empty trips. We fiddle and nerf, we measure, learn and pivot fast, always advocating for the users of Saloodo! in order to deliver real added value and make their lives easier.

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