The comprehensive overview of vacation driving bans 2023 in Germany

Vacation travel ban in Germany The vacation travel ban in Germany is regulated in the Holiday Travel Ordinance.According to this regulation, trucks with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons and trucks with trailers for the commercial or paid transportation of goods, including associated empty runs, are not allowed to operate on Saturdays […]

Get out of the routine: Ideas for the truck driver’s break

Sports activities Physical fitness helps to relieve stress and recharge mentally. Rest periods can be used well to engage in physical activity. Here, of course, the location of the truck break sets the scene, but some activities are possible even in a confined space. Yoga Yoga or simple stretching exercises help to relieve muscle tension […]

Beat the heat like a pro – essential tips for cool truckers

Tip #1: Drink enough water When temperatures rise, it’s not just truck drivers who should make sure they drink enough fluids, especially on very hot days. The physical strain and the heat can quickly lead to a lack of fluids, which has a negative effect on concentration and reaction times. For this reason, every driver […]

The road to sustainability: How to reduce environmental impacts in supply chain management, logistics and freight forwarding

Saloodo! is the digital platform for road freight transport

Optimizing transportation Transportation of goods is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, especially road transportation. The high volume of vehicles on the road, combined with the long distances and heavy loads, results in a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. However, to reduce emissions, companies can optimize transportation by choosing the most fuel-efficient modes of […]

The delivery bill: Why it is so important for logistics

Central functions of the delivery bill The delivery bill is an important commercial document that accompanies transported goods and is therefore sometimes also referred to as a goods receipt/issue slip. It provides a lot of central information about the delivery and enables logistics to track the shipment of goods. At the same time, it serves […]

Saloodo! at transport logistic 2023

Saloodo!, a subsidiary of DHL Freight, is set to present the latest updates to its digital freight platform, aimed at benefiting both shippers and carriers. One of the highlights of the platform is its open marketplace, which ensures full transparency in transport and logistics. With its central, user-friendly, and dependable interface, Saloodo! helps shippers and […]

Saloodo! – the digital freight platform for your road transport

Saloodo! is the digital platform for road freight transport

Saloodo! is the digital freight platform that does just that. Saloodo! was founded in 2016 by DHL, the express, transport and logistics specialist within Deutsche Post DHL Group, and went live in early 2017. The platform offers shippers and transport companies a novel, powerful digital solution that maximizes efficiency in all steps of transport ordering […]

Buying flowers on Valentine’s day: The logistics reasons why its so flawless for you

February 14th is a major event in the logistics industry, and is the perfect opportunity for logistics providers to showcase their speed and efficiency, due to the time sensitive nature of delivering gifts, chocolates – and especially flowers. Kenya is one of the leading exporters of fresh cut flowers in the world, providing over 50% of […]

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