Saloodo!’s proven solution for freight forwarders: faster payments, stronger liquidity

Do you feel left behind by the competition because your payment terms are still at a snail’s pace while other freight forwarders already enjoy the privilege of 14-day terms? Discover how you can reverse this disadvantage and improve the liquidity of your business by accelerating incoming payments.

In the logistics industry, long payment terms and delays are an everyday challenge for freight forwarders. A study from 2019 illustrates this: On average, freight forwarders wait 72.2 days after invoicing for their payments. In this context, Saloodo! has stood out for years as a reliable partner for freight forwarders by offering fast and secure payment processing.

What are the challenges for freight forwarders in payment management?

The logistics industry is generally characterised by long payment terms. A payment term of more than 70 days, combined with an average payment delay of 30 days, puts an enormous strain on the liquidity of freight forwarders. This scenario becomes even more challenging for smaller haulage companies that rely on prompt payments.

Additional burden from inflation and price increases in 2024

Inflation and rising diesel prices are an additional burden for haulage companies. Long payment terms exacerbate this situation by increasing the financial pressure on companies that are already operating with tight margins.

Saloodo!’s answer to long payment terms

In contrast to standard market practices, Saloodo! offers its forwarders in Europe significantly faster payment processing. With a guaranteed payment term of of only 14 days after submission of the proof of delivery, Saloodo! ensures that forwarders do not have to wait unnecessarily for their money. This practice, which we have been offering for years, ensures better cash flow planning and financial stability for hauliers.

Practical implementation and reliability

The efficient handling of payment transactions at Saloodo! is simple and above all one thing – digitalised. This means that processes can begin without unnecessary delays: As soon as the proof of delivery has been transmitted digitally. This fast and uncomplicated processing not only saves time, but also significantly reduces the administrative workload.

Here are some voices of satisfied Saloodo! haulage companies:

“We are absolutely satisfied and can therefore recommend Saloodo! with a clear conscience. The completely digitalised handling of transport orders saves us a lot of time and payment within just 14 days is unique.”

“Saloodo! is a unique way for us to get transport orders within the EU. It is easy and convenient to work with – fast payment and ideal contact between Saloodo! and its customers. As a freight forwarder, we are very happy to be part of this community and will work with it to grow.”

Fast payment processing with Saloodo!: A benefit for freight forwarders

Saloodo! has continuously worked to address the challenges in the logistics industry and offer viable solutions such as faster payment terms for freight forwarders. Fast payment processing is a core aspect of our service, which is particularly important for freight forwarders. Click here to see the benefits of our platform and become part of a community that values efficiency, reliability and fair business practices.


Janine Wolff
Get insights from Janine Wolff, a creative business economist and digital enthusiast. Combining economic expertise with a passion for logistics, Janine delivers top-notch content on a regular basis for Saloodo!.

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