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On the Saloodo! Technology and Innovation pages we show bold thinking as we comment on new technologies, latest developments and their application. In addition, we write and discuss about the key business challenges companies face nowadays – and not just in the logistics and transportation industry.

Logistics 4.0: The digitalization of logistics creates new opportunities

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10 Internet Security Tips for Freight Forwarders

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Retail Logistics: Opportunities and Challenges

With digital freight platforms you make perfect use of network effects and avoid empty runs.
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Digitisation – as a job machine in logistics

Are you on a sinking ship when you decide to become a logistics professional? No, but the job profiles are likely to change. People working in the transport and logistics industry might...
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Big data in logistics – a question of the right strategy

Today, the majority of companies in the transport and logistics industry use Big Data for their business.
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Reshaping Environmental Policies

The climate targets are not endangered by the logistics industry itself, but by the fact that environmental policy is not being changed and companies are not being encouraged to innovate.
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.@Saloodo, a subsidiary of DHL Global Forwarding, has launched a digital #logistics platform for shippers and transport providers in South Africa.

DHL and Saloodo's Tobias Maier (Pictured) gives more insight:

@DHLAfrica #digitaltransformation #freight

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