4 Successful Trends of Digital Transformation in Logistics & Transport 2022

Digital transformation will be a hot topic in most boardrooms in 2022. It’s simple to understand why: businesses going strong on a digital transformation path typically experience increased efficiency, increased production, and lower operating costs, among other benefits. 

But what’s hot and what’s not in Digital Tranformation 2022?

#1 Agility and Resilience

Keeping the business running in any environment, even during a never-seen global pandemic –  this would be a dream come true for most entrepreneurs. One thing that COVID-19 taught most business-owners the hard way, was to not rely on “It’s always been that way”. Instead, it taught us an understanding of the challenges and opportunities to come.

It is not a question of estimating the possibility that your business will be the target of a security event, but rather of determining what you will do when it occurs. Of course, considering the necessary preparations from every viewpoint necessitates a huge lot of effort. Building resilience for a post-pandemic future is key and how to prepare your organization for a successful digital future. 

#2 Hyperautomation

There is no doubt that hyperautomation, the process of incorporating automation into every aspect of business operations, will be at the heart of digital transformation. In general, automation is critical to digital transformation because it is the most straightforward strategy to reach scalability, efficiency, and cost savings.

The AIOps sector is one area of digital transformation that has been advanced by hyperautomation. AIOps systems have the ability to centralize data and use algorithms to aggregate and correlate alerts. AIOps is essentially the advancement of ITOps and has been at the foundation of numerous digital transformations.

#3 5G and Internet of Things

The 5G network heralds the arrival of the next generation of mobile communication. Its speed improvements will be significant, with 5G predicted to reply to requests in roughly one millisecond, whereas 4G can take up to 200 milliseconds. Businesses that rely on the Internet of Things can gain numerous benefits from 5G’s greater efficiencies.

Investing in 5G networks and growing the usage of IoT in business can assist you in reducing all productions that are influenced by a company’s decision. 5G offers more bandwidth, broader installation, increased reliability, and improved security. For end users, the arrival of 5G means faster internet, better mobile networks, and paving the way for a far more connected future.

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#4 Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Since many businesses have shifted to remote and hybrid working models, the demand for improved security has become more pressing. Besides this we all could notice by ourselves that online work flow and transactions have massively expanded as a result of the pandemic. Cybersecurity has become increasingly crucial within the last 12 months. From last years trends in Digital Transformations, we saw that firms began incredibly quickly to start initiatives like DevOps as part of their faster go-to-market strategy. Security was one element that was left behind at the time.

The consequences have become come true with the surge of cyberattacks in recent years. In 2020, more than 445 million cyberattacks were recorded. As part of risk management, IT organizations now have CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) whose focus on cybersecurity as their main priority. The pandemic has brought a lot of light to the significance of good cybersecurity practices. Although there is no single solution to all security issues, a combination of people, processes, and technology is required.


When implemented strategically, Digital Transformation enables organisations to become more agile, dynamic, and successful in practically every element of their operations. Businesses should align their IT budgets with these trends for the greatest results.


Janine Wolff
Janine Wolff is a business economist and design enthusiast, has a passion for blogging and logistics and is our Social Media and Content Manager at Saloodo!.

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