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    Carriers & Drivers training at Saloodo!

    On Monday, August the 26th, we hosted our Carriers and Drivers for a training session

    The Purpose of this training series is to add value to the driver community and increase the quality standards to shipper market.

    In this 1st edition, we had a Health, Safety & Environment session with Michael Phillips, Head of HSE and Facilites, as well as a interactive training of the Saloodo! Drivers app. Of the carriers that attended were AIMS International, Tahmeel Logistics, Rajwinder Cargo, BANNAS General transport & SPEEDLINE LLC.

    At the end of the training, we provided certificates to the participants, who are now Saloodo! Certified Professional Carriers & Drivers!
    The upcoming edition of the training will be held in the coming few weeks.

    Daniel Mahnken
    Daniel Mahnken is a Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Saloodo!. As a qualified journalist, writing is practically in his blood. After studying sports journalism, he wanted to become Germany’s Next Sports Commentator, but then he discovered logistics and has been stuck with it ever since.

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