Fast Focus: Sunny Fernandes

An interview series about our Saloodo! Team – short & sweet for the length of your coffee.
Saloodo Abu Dhabi

Interview for the length of your coffee.


Saloodo’s digital freight forwarder platform is growing and simplyfing peoples life. But who are the people behind the monitors, working hours before you are even able to push the registration button?

Back in our Middle East/Africa office today, you’ll  find our
Saloodo! Lead for UAE, Sunny Fernandes. Read on about our ambitious, hard-working colleague and his bucket list.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am originally from Goa, India and I have completed my Masters from Middlesex University Dubai in International business specialized in logistics. I love to connect with people, learn about their culture and business approach. Ever since my days in merchant navy as a seafarer, my dream has been to own a restaurant and cook my expertise.

Tell us a bit about your work and life in Abu Dhabi?

My work life is great as every day comes with a new challenge. At times we face some obstacles such as customer’s new requirements, however, this makes me realize that if there is a problem then the solution will also be just around the corner. Solving these problems is something which motivates me to work smarter, harder and bring value to our business and customers. For instance, BeduConnect in MEA is one of the innovative solutions we came up with, and we are proudly the first in the region to provide this service. As for living in UAE, I find adapting to the culture here very simple because UAE is the host to multiple cultures and nationalities which makes it easy to fit in.

What got you into logistics?

I would say destiny. Initially i started my career in merchant navy, and during that period I observed how a lot of cargo is moved from one end of the world to another which made me realize the importance of logistics and consider a career in this field. While I was on vacation in UAE once, I gave a try to enter a logistics company and got the entry, and ow I am here working for the world most leading freight organization. My passion for logistics also lead me to do my masters in this field so I become more expert.

How does the perfect day look like for you?

Professionally, a perfect day starts with a strong black coffee, updates from carriers on Saloodo! with all the shipment status, new order bookings from customers and achieving our daily targets of new business, billing and happy customers. Each day is perfect with its new challenges & solutions, and interacting with different products to provide our service while ensuring we are simplifying customers’ life. As for my personal life, spending quality time with family and counting my blessings summarize a perfect day for me.

Let’s talk privately. Tell us some highlights from your bucket list? What’s up next?

My bucket list is very long but if I need to highlight a few things then I would say I love to travel the world, explore the country side areas especially in Europe, and also work on my dream project of opening my own restaurant.

If you’re not managing and organizing, where do we find you?

During my free time I am mostly spending my time with my family, or in my gaming zone playing snooker or billiards. Recently, I ensure to spend most of my time with my daughter Chloe as I want to capture each moment of her growing up, and spending time with her relieves me from all stress and pressure.


Janine Wolff
Janine Wolff is a business economist and design enthusiast, has a passion for blogging and traveling and is our Junior Social Media and Content Manager at Saloodo!.

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