Fast Focus: Yousra M.

An interview series about our Saloodo! Team – short & sweet for the lenght of your coffee.
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Interview for the length of your coffee.


Saloodo’s digital freight forwarder platform is growing and simplyfing peoples life. But who are the people behind the monitors, working hours before you are even able to push the registration button?

Back in our Middle East/Africa office today, you’ll  find our
Marketing & Growth Expert MEA, Yousra M.

Read on about our multifaceted, charming colleague, with a passion that is blog-worthy.  

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Yousra. Originally from Morocco. I am a corporate marketing enthusiast with 3 degrees in Marketing Management, including a US based masters. I worked in different industries including IT before joining DHL in the beginning of 2019 and becoming the first team member of Saloodo! in Middle East & Africa. Among my interests is learning new languages and discovering new cultures; I have so far learned 7 languages out of which I speak 5, worked in 4 different countries, and have been part of over 20 teams. I also enjoy cooking & baking, yoga and horse riding in my spare time, as well as travelling.

What is your task at Saloodo! ?

My role in Saloodo! was first leading the expansion in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council countries) in 2019, and I am now managing and coordinating the marketing aspect and growth in the MEA region. Every day, I work with different countries in Middle East and Africa to grow our operations in the region, approach more customers and provide a service of quality delivered with excellence. In addition, I also manage the region’s marketing calendar to raise more awareness about who we are and what we do, across all digital and media channels to strongly position our Saloodo! brand.

What got you into logistics?

Sincerely, fate. My aim was always to work with a multinational and global organization that brings change, and it wouldn’t be truthful of me to say that I knew anything about logistics before joining DHL and Saloodo!. In a fast growing world influenced by technology and innovation, logistics and supply chain play a tremendous role in all markets – a role which has proved crucial especially in today’s time with the ongoing pandemic. Without a reliable logistics service, something we proudly are at Saloodo!, supply chains wouldn’t be successful and consumer products wouldn’t be available.

If you're not in the office, where do we find you?

If I’m not at work, then I’m most likely at the gym, trying new experiences with my friends or creating content for my food blog, which you find here. Being balanced is essential to me, which is why I always ensure to do things that I like during the weekends and in my free time. This year, I am back relearning Turkish which I had forgotten as I didn’t practice it, and I have also committed to improving my horse riding skills which is something that has always fascinated me. Thankfully, living in the UAE, allows me to organize my time between my job and the things I like to do in an efficient manner.


How do you like working with such a global team?

I love working with a global team as I firmly believe that diversity boosts creativity. I find that the more diverse a team is, the more ideas, inputs and solutions we come up with. I am an AIESEC alumnus, which has allowed me to be exposed to and be part of teams with individuals from different continents, cultures and backgrounds ever since I was in university. As part of Saloodo!, I appreciate the fact that our global team is very diverse, which I find results in unique solutions offerings. Every day, we learn something new from each other and from working together, which I admire.

Last year was challenging in many aspects – how did you and the team respond?

Last year was undoubtedly challenging, and as a team, we all combined our efforts and embraced the obstacles we faced to sustain our daily operations. During this pandemic, being part of Saloodo! team is something I am very grateful for as our spirit and energy is incomparable. Despite working remotely for several months, I believe we performed better than expected and achieved a growth we would have never imagined. We are now present and offer our services globally which wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s hard work and commitment.


Janine Wolff
Janine Wolff is a business economist and design enthusiast, has a passion for blogging and traveling and is our Social Media and Content Manager at Saloodo!.

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