Heat and Climate Protection in Focus: Practical and Sustainable Tips for Truck Drivers

The summer months present significant challenges for truck drivers. When temperatures rise above 30°C, the cab quickly becomes a heat trap. However, there are strategies to stay cool even in extreme heat. At the same time, the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in transportation is gaining importance. Here are practical tips for drivers to handle the heat in the short term and long-term measures that freight companies can take to protect the environment and counteract climate change.

Immediate Measures Against Summer Heat

Hydration is Key

Physical exertion and heat can quickly lead to fluid loss. It’s essential to always have enough water, isotonic drinks, fruit juice spritzers, and/or unsweetened herbal or fruit teas on hand and to drink regularly. Especially in hot regions, truck drivers should aim to drink more than the recommended 2-3 liters per day to compensate for fluid loss and avoid dehydration. Salty drinks or foods can help balance the body’s electrolytes.

Fuel for the Body

A balanced diet with protein-rich and fiber-rich meals is crucial to staying fit and focused. Avoid fatty and hard-to-digest foods, opting instead for lighter options such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and yogurt.

Protection from the Sun

Sunscreen with a high SPF, hats, and sunglasses are essential to prevent sunburn and sunstroke. Alternatively, light, long-sleeved shirts can be worn to protect the body from direct sun exposure.

More Climate-Friendly Practical Tips

Smart Driving Climate

Invest in smart climate control systems for your truck, which automatically regulate the interior temperature. These systems continuously analyze the surrounding conditions and adjust cooling or heating accordingly to ensure an optimal driving climate.

Fresh Air on the Go

Use mobile air conditioning units designed specifically for truck interiors. These devices can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and provide targeted cooling to the cab during drives and breaks.

Stay Cool with Innovative Clothing

Invest in special cooling vests or clothing made with innovative materials to regulate body temperature. These garments are equipped with built-in cooling pads or tubes that can be actively cooled, providing comfortable temperatures while driving.

UV Protection for the Drive

Use high-quality sun protection films for your truck’s windows to reduce UV radiation and minimize heat absorption. These films not only protect against heat but also offer privacy and help lower the interior temperature.

Sun Protection on Wheels

Install awnings or canopies on your truck to reduce direct sunlight on the cab. These sun protection devices not only shield against heat but also UV rays, helping to keep the interior temperature down.

Natural Cooling Effects

Mount misting systems on the truck that spray fine water mist, creating natural air cooling. These systems can be used both while driving and during breaks, creating a pleasant climate inside the vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Cooling

Use solar-powered refrigerators or cool boxes to keep drinks and food cool during drives. These eco-friendly cooling devices are a practical solution to ensure a sufficient supply of chilled drinks and snacks, even at high temperatures.

Airflow for Comfort

Install powerful fans or high-performance blowers in the cab to ensure effective air circulation and ventilation. These ventilation systems can help reduce heat inside and provide a comfortable driving climate.

With these additional tips and innovative approaches, truck drivers can not only better endure the heat but also contribute to climate protection by using eco-friendly solutions in transportation.

Long-Term Measures for Climate Protection

Electric Trucks and Alternative Drives

The future of transportation lies in electrification. Electric trucks are more environmentally friendly and generate less waste heat. DHL Freight supports its carriers in integrating these sustainable technologies.

Sustainable Fuels

DHL Freight focuses on the development and use of vehicles powered by hydrogen or other sustainable fuels. These technologies reduce CO₂ emissions and help combat global warming.

Efficient Route Planning

Improving the logistics network can reduce fuel consumption. Efficient route planning and optimized trips help lower the carbon footprint. Saloodo! supports these initiatives and has already seen success thanks to its carrier team’s management of the freight companies.

Eco-Friendly Driving

Training programs for drivers in eco-friendly driving behavior are essential. Anticipatory driving, optimal use of vehicle technology, and avoiding idling are important measures. Incentives for eco-friendly driving behavior further motivate drivers and are a key part of DHL Group and DHL Freight’s strategies.

DHL’s GoGreen Program and Saloodo!’s Commitment

DHL Group has set a goal within its GoGreen program to become climate-neutral by 2050. This includes converting to electric vehicles, optimizing supply chains, and collaborating with partners and subcontractors. DHL Freight, with the help of Saloodo!, supports carriers through innovative solutions that both increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Truck drivers and freight companies face significant challenges in the summer, but these can be managed with the right measures. Short-term tips like staying hydrated, effective sun protection, and using cooling aids help make the heat more bearable. Long-term, adopting eco-friendly technologies and optimizing logistics processes contribute to combating global warming. Combining short-term measures and long-term strategies creates a sustainable overall concept that benefits both drivers and the environment.


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