5 years at Saloodo! – Celebrating our “oldest” Saloodonaut Christine Janik

Still motivated in the same startup after half a decade – impossible? Absolutely possible, at Saloodo! An interview with our “old hand” Christine Janik.

Amazing 5 years at Saloodo! – Congratulations!

Today our Saloodo! colleague Christine Janik from Marketing celebrates her 5-year anniversary and we are happy to interview her on this occasion:

Hello Christine, how did you actually come to Saloodo!?

I did an internship after my studies, at the Mobility GmbH of DPDHL, in the area of pricing and yield management. DHL Mobility GmbH operated the “Postbus” at the time, one of the first German long-distance bus companies. “Postbus” was also a start-up. But I always wanted to work in a more  Marketing related context, and then the opportunity arose to join Saloodo! and help shape it’s Marketing there.

Do you still remember how everything started for you at Saloodo?

At the time, we were about 5 employees who started Saloodo! from scratch. A certain hands-on mentality was absolutely essential. I learned so many things because I just had to face upcoming problems or just some task has to be done to get things going. From writing PR messages and Newsletters to all kind of demos providing directly at the customer, everything could happen. Of course, I was thrown in cold water and was sometimes a little perplex or even desperate on how exactly one task or the other was done. But I simply learned it by facing the problem and working on a solution – step by step. Best part was having this dynamic together with my teammates, having everyone taking over their part depending on their skills and experiences, helping each other out the best we could.

I already have moved location twice with Saloodo! because we continuously expanded the size of our team. Today, we are based in Cologne or in our home offices. I can also still remember various funny visits to potential customers who worked with their cats on their laps being totally unimpressed by our digital logistics platform. Gladly our carriers are developing to a more digital workstyle, but somehow I miss these delightful appointments.

How has your area of responsibility evolved?

Being that small team in the beginning, everyone just did what came up and suited them best. This was actually amazing as you got immense entrepreneurial insights and build a steep learning curve. While watching and learning from our mistakes, celebrating every successful step, I could practically choose the direction in which I love to evolve. For example since the beginning I am writing our Saloodo! Newsletter and over the past years with thousands of new customers and new stakeholders I I’ve continued to develop this in Automated Email Marketing and CRM. I grew with Saloodo! and Saloodo! grew with me –  thats’s a very nice feeling and a motivating vibe.

What highlight in all the years at Saloodo! do you remember particularly fondly?

One of my most formative experiences was how super quickly we could react to certain things at that time. Not may things  were plannable at all in the beginning, so every day was really exciting, never knowing what could happen next. For example, a re-branding was about to happen, and from re-designing the logo to printing new business cards, we were so agile that everything could be implemented within a few days. This dynamic was unique!

What do you particularly like about your job, what less?

My job requires creativity on the one hand but is also technically challenging. I like this versatility. With the growth of the company, of course, dwindles dynamism, but in exchange we are now growing steadily, even globally. I enjoy working and growing with such divers, highly specialized teams on a global market.

Would you choose a job in Marketing again today – or rather do something completely different, for example work as a carpenter or as a researcher?.

I really like my work at Saloodo! and especially withing my team I feel comfortable. Our work is challenging and always gives me opportunities to develop myself. In the back of my mind, though, I’ve had the idea of teaching elementary school kids since I was a kid.

When you look back now: What is the most important thing you learned in your time at Saloodo!

Not to loose my track – because there can be hurdles in a professional context, especially interpersonal. Not all team members are always compatible. Also, that you just sit out certain issues and accept things as they are, not taking everything personally and keeping track on your way.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Love to join Christine’s Team: Check out our Open Position on Saloodo.com



Janine Wolff
Janine Wolff is a business economist and design enthusiast, has a passion for blogging and traveling and is our Junior Social Media and Content Manager at Saloodo!.

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