Temperatures above 30°C: Heat tips for truck drivers

The thermometer shows temperatures above 30 degrees again. It's getting hot on the highways, but with the Saloodo! Heat tips get truck drivers better through the summer
We are only at the beginning of summer, but the temperatures are already rising. Temperatures of up to 40°C are also forecast for the coming days. What is simply wonderful for those who can lie at the lake, causes deep wrinkles of worry for others. Because: Truck drivers in particular who are now on the motorway and have to park and rest on asphalt during breaks should protect themselves from the heat as much as possible.

 width=The extreme temperatures are not only hard on the truck. The heart of the truck – the driver – should also take good care of itself. Otherwise it is always said that fitness exercises are important. Right! But not in this heat: In order to keep the circulation stable, for example, one should now do without great efforts and drink sufficiently and regularly. 2 litres per day are standard, now it may become also three and more. The drink should be as unsugared as possible and at room temperature; the “warming up” of ice-cold drinks in the stomach additionally stresses the body.

Avoid staying in the blazing sun

If you sit in the sun during the break, you risk a sunstroke. This can result in headaches and concentration problems. If you get dizzy, dizzy or nauseous, this could be a sign of overheating or even heat stroke. And then what? Immediately go into the shade, drink something, call a doctor in an emergency. Important: On the motorway, you may also use the emergency telephones in case of (heat) emergency!

Here are some tips on how you as a truck driver can best protect yourself at high temperatures:

  • Use sunscreens – apply cream about half an hour before the start of the journey (it takes some time before the sunscreens take effect).
  • Put on sunglasses – only in good quality with UV filter. No brightly tinted lenses!
  • Put a baseball cap or hat on.
  • Get two or three pure cotton T-shirts ready to change.
  • Put on light sandals during breaks.
  • Do not ride barefoot! Sturdy shoes when riding.
  • Make sure you have a thermos jug with cool (not ice-cold) iced tea or lemon water.
  • Do you have at least four or five litres of mineral water on board? Please drink regularly.
  • Cooling/freshening wipes or bracelets from a pharmacy or chemist’s so-called for refreshment.
  • Eat water-rich snacks such as melons, cucumbers, berries, etc. between meals.
  • You can refresh your legs with a cooling gel (e.g. horse chestnut extract).
  • Install a fan if necessary (car accessories).

11 professional tips for professional drivers:

  • When eating only fresh, light food in several small portions, do without hot and spicy food.
  • the body loses minerals through sweating. Fruit juices (bananas, tomatoes) replace them.
  • cut down on one’s coffee.
  • 1 layer of clothing for large temperature differences (air conditioner).
  • in the truck (or in buildings) do not expose themselves to the (cold) air flow from air conditioners, blowers, etc.
  • shower lukewarm before sleep breaks, do not dry off.
  • if showering several times a day, omit soap (skin dries out), apply cream to skin.
  • lie down in the breaks, cream legs with gel and elevate them.
  • put fresh T-shirt in the fridge before putting on / store medicine in a cool place.
  • Alcohol in leisure time: limit, dilute (cyclists, spritzers). Attention: Alcohol degradation is a strain on the circulation!
  • Caution: Do not leave any deodorants or other spray cans on shelves; danger of explosion.



Daniel Mahnken
Daniel Mahnken is a Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Saloodo!. As a qualified journalist, writing is practically in his blood. After studying sports journalism, he wanted to become Germany’s Next Sports Commentator, but then he discovered logistics and has been stuck with it ever since.

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