How to best prepare for Black Friday business – 6 best practices

Prepare your logistics business for Black Friday with our 6 best practices. From planning in advance to leveraging tech solutions, ensure you’re ready for the biggest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday is renowned as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, characterized by retailers offering enticing discounts and promotions. Its name originated not from businesses not longer being “in the red” but from the chaos caused by large crowds in Philadelphia during the early 1960s while shopping. Today, Black Friday is synonymous with significant retail sales, although it has also led to the emergence of other shopping holidays such as Cyber Monday. 

According to GfK‘s point-of-sales data on the global market for technical consumer goods, Black Friday stands out as a retail powerhouse, experiencing an astounding approx. 115 % growth in sales compared to an average week. This surge in Black Friday sales underscores its growing importance. In contrast, while Christmas and the post-Christmas period still command substantial sales figures, they are approx. 45% and 12% higher than a typical week, respectively. This data highlights how Black Friday has emerged as a pivotal event in the consumer calendar, overshadowing even the traditionally robust holiday sales around Christmas.

With Black Friday’s ever-increasing prominence in the retail and e-commerce landscape, logistics plays an indispensable role in its success. The efficient management of inventory, shipping, and customer service becomes paramount to meet the heightened demands of this pivotal shopping event around the world.

Preparing your logistics business for Black Friday is crucial to ensure a smooth operation during this extra busy shopping event. Here are some key steps and considerations to keep in mind:  

#1 Planning in Advance

To anticipate and address the companies individual potential challenges for Black Friday, planning in advance is essential. Especially for preparing the according logistics meticulously, it is mandatory to  

  • set clear objectives, 
  • create a timeline, 
  • forecast inventory needs.

Companies must coordinate well in advance with suppliers and shipping partners, ensuring that they can meet the surge in demand. Additionally, early planning enables businesses to test and optimize technology systems and hire and train potentially needed staff, all of which contribute to a well-prepared and successful Black Friday operation.

#2 Inventory Management

Effective inventory management during the Black Friday season involves a careful analysis of past sales data and market trends to accurately forecast demand. It’s crucial to maintain a safety stock buffer to handle unexpected spikes in demand. As said before, early communication with suppliers is essential to ensure timely replenishment. Prioritizing inventory restocking for high-demand items is a key strategy to prevent shortages. Striking the right balance is essential – you want to have enough products available to meet customer demand without overstocking with trending or seasonal products.  

#3 Shipping Preparation

Preparing for Black Friday shipping demands requires close collaboration with shipping carriers. Ensure they can handle the increased demand and clarify shipping costs and delivery times in advance. Evaluate carrier options and negotiate favorable terms, including discounted rates for peak-season shipping. Additionally, implementing robust tracking and returns management systems is vital to enhance customer satisfaction during this busy shopping period.

#4 Resource Allocation

Resource allocation plays a pivotal role in preparing for Black Friday. To handle the expected surge in orders, it’s imperative to plan for staffing needs well in advance. Evaluate your existing workforce capacity and proactively assess whether additional personnel, such as temporary workers, will be necessary to efficiently manage the heightened workload. Strategically planning for staff augmentation ensures your team is adequately prepared to meet the demands of this high-volume shopping event.

To gain short-term workers specifically for the Black Friday season, consider utilizing various hiring strategies such as partnering with staffing agencies specializing in seasonal retail staff or posting job listings on relevant online platforms. This targeted approach can help you quickly onboard the temporary workforce needed to support your operations during this critical sales period.

#5 Technology and Innovation

Leveraging technology and automation to streamline key processes like order processing and inventory management is crucial for enhancing efficiency. A solution for achieving this smoothly is with the help of Saloodo!, which provides a digital platform connecting shippers and carriers seamlessly. Through Saloodo!’s platform, businesses can optimize their logistics operations by efficiently matching their shipping needs with qualified carriers, thereby reducing lead times and enhancing order fulfillment. This innovative approach not only expedites logistics processes but also offers a cost-effective and transparent solution for businesses looking to thrive during peak periods like Black Friday.

#6 Monitoring and Adaptation

Monitoring and adaptation should be carried out not only during Black Friday itself but also in the lead-up to the event and throughout the entire holiday shopping season. It’s important to maintain continuous oversight of your logistics processes from the moment you begin preparing for Black Friday until well after the event concludes. This extended period of monitoring allows to identify potential issues, make timely adjustments, and ensure the smooth operation of your logistics throughout the high-demand holiday season, encompassing Black Friday and beyond.


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