How focusing on your digital platforms can help improve your transport company

Digitalisation has been disrupting the transport and logistics industry in recent years. In fact, Saloodo! founder Amadou Diallo previously outlined the impact of digitalisation, which is increasing human-robot collaborations, enhancing communication, improving one-shop customer portals, promoting green initiatives, and providing more efficient last-mile deliveries. Notably, digitalisation is allowing Saloodo! to Uberise the transport industry so much so that shippers can search online for road freight carriers depending on load and destination.

Clearly, digital is the way to go. So, this means you will have to focus on your company’s digital platforms to make your business more efficient and accessible, as you will see below.

Improved Tracking

Digitalisation has improved fleet tracking, but the availability of modern tracking platforms means there is plenty of room for improvement. It’s crucial to focus on improving your company’s tracking capabilities, with Business2Community’s Victoria Heckstall highlighting the benefits of enhanced tracking, which include better monitoring of fuel wasting practices such as speeding, idling, and unauthorised usage (in turn reducing fuel costs). Fleet tracking also helps in route optimisation where drivers can choose the most efficient routes for job orders.

The good news is that you can easily improve your company’s tracking capabilities by upgrading your existing telematics system to the latest version. You can also switch out your fleet tracking tech entirely for a more advanced and complete Transport Management System (TMS). This enables digital integration among all transport-related activities and participants. Either way, you stand to benefit from a reduction in fuel and labour costs as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Online Presence

You must also focus on your company website and improve it through search engine optimisation (SEO). This will help you establish a stronger presence online, creating content that will make your key services much more visible to your target market. However, this can be a complicated process, with Ayima’s digital marketing experts pointing out SEO’s technical nature as one of its biggest challenges. Not to mention how search engines’ algorithms favour established brands with loads of authority already.

Given the technical challenges, you might want to consider working with a digital marketing agency to handle your company’s SEO campaigns and improve your search rankings and visibility in the process. This improvement could result in more leads and potential transactions.

Increased Accessibility

A Medium article highlights how 24/7 accessibility is a unique selling point, as it helps you stay in touch with your clients and provide them relevant information. Fortunately, mobile apps help ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Nowadays, apps are multi-use and can help in both internal and external communication. You can use an app to stay connected with your team, and another one to reach clients to initiate transactions and get real-time updates—as is the case with Berlin-based Foodpanda and its dedicated app.

By focusing on improving your app, you can automate several processes like recording goods and equipment for easier location identification, procurement tracking, and stock replenishment. Consider getting in touch with app developers, who have the expertise to design apps according to your company’s needs and target market.

The digitalisation of businesses is moving at a very fast pace, and that development is neither stopping nor slowing down for those who can’t keep up. This year, make it a priority to enhance your digital platforms, as it could bring your renewed success.

Veronica Field Saloodo! tech author


Veronica Field
Veronica Field is a tech writer and lover of everything digital. She enjoys reading industry news when she’s not writing. She loves to bake and walk her dachshund, Roxie.

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