Is LTL Shipping the right choice for you?

Cargo is not cargo. Occasionally, you may just need shipping a single pallet, or just enough goods to fill half a truck, but not the whole trailer. LTL shipping is the best alternative in these instances. Continue reading to discover more about LTL shipping and to determine if it is the best option for your company.

There may be occasions when you will need to convey goods and products but the rather small size of your boxes or pallets will not justify the utilization of a full trailer.

LTL-Shipments preferred

This is the case when less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipment is used.
This enables several independent cargoes to be carried on a single vehicle.
LTL shipments are typically stacked on pallets and may weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

Very cost-effective and flexible

LTL carriers are experts in transporting more items for more shippers in a timely and effective way.
Shippers like LTL shipping because it provides them with cost-effective, flexible, and environmentally responsible shipping choices.

LTL shipping is not without challenges

LTL shipping has also been increasing. According to DHL, this is due in part to the increasing popularity of e-commerce, which necessitates firms making smaller, more frequent shipments directly to consumers. But not every case is the perfect fit for LTL shipment.

Are there disadvantages of LTL shipping?

Time critical cargo: As the truck is loaded with quite a few shipments from multiple customers, which have to find their way from and to each client, the time frame for the shipment can vary a lot. Always budget enough spare time for LTL shipments. Consider to use FTL for more urgent shipments.

Keeping the overview: Using LTL shipping means a part of your cargo is always somewhere on its way, another part still waiting to be picked up and maybe another part already at the final destination. As a logistician you have to keep track of deadlines, timing and the challenges that come with class and weight. Be smart and use Saloodo!s 24/7 online documentary feature to keep a keen eye on your shipments.

Locating the right carrier: Who offers LTL? Is the carrier reliable? Finding the perfect fit is not easy in freight forwarding and LTL makes it even harder. With Saloodo! you can filter the carriers and only LTL options are shown.

What are the advantages with LTL shipping?

All these disadvantages can’t narrow down the clear benefits of LTL shipping.

Operationg cost-effective: You pay only what you need. The rest of the trailer will be sold to other clients or stays open.

Saving the environment: LTL shipping necessitates fewer full-load trucks. This reduces emissions and the number of trucks required to deliver the goods.

Increasing cargo security: Because many LTL shipments are packaged on pallets before being loaded onto a truck, a single well-handled pallet has a better chance of remaining secure than a truck with multiple handling units.

How does LTL cargo shipping with Saloodo! work?

At Saloodo! we like to ensure that even as a newbie in Logistics you can start shipping your goods conveniently and easily. After registering your company, you let the digital platform know the cargo’s weight and size. Several carrier will send their offer and the load will be picked up. All documentary like bills or proof of delivery will be accessible 24/7 on the platform. Delivering products on schedule and in the most ecologically responsible way possible is our goal with our flexible LTL services, which connect shippers with the appropriate equipment and capacity.

How to optimize you LTL freight experience


Important advice to improve your experience:

Provide accurate information: Let us know as many details as possible and keep us updated about packaging, classes, weight and size all the time. In case you need assistance like a ramp or a forklift we urgently ask you to provide these infos.

Pack your pallets right: To avoid transport damages prepare your goods so you minimise the change of loss or damage. Find useful advice here.

Pick the right insurance: Carriers are always keen on keeping the damage as low as possible to make their customers happy. But never say never and insure your goods against possible damages.

Are you ready for your first LTL shipment?

Get started here to register and enter your LTL details.


Picture of a forklift unloading a truck
LTL shipments are not only increasing your operating costs but save the emission of greenhouse gases.
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