Meet Philipp: Our Thriving Digital Logistics Intern

As a pre-requisite for completing your studies in Production & Logistics, it is often necessary to complete an appropriate internship in the future professional field. This is a great option for you to participate at real Logistics at Saloodo! as an intern.

I am Philipp, 28 years old and currently studying Production and Logistics at the TH Köln. After graduating from high school, I decided to complete an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. After successfully completing this, I decided to study. I decided to study Production and Logistics because it builds on the knowledge I gained during my apprenticeship. In the meantime, my studies are coming to an end and I wanted to use the time to gain practical experience in the field of logistics.

As a prerequisite for completing my studies at the TH Köln in the Production and Logistics program, it is necessary to complete an appropriate logistics internship in the future professional field.

Which internship is actually the right one for me?

Before I applied for my logistics internship, I asked myself what requirements I had for my internship. It was important for me that the company was future-oriented and in tune with the digital age. Industry 4.0 is omnipresent. Thus, my eye fell on Saloodo!. A company that is an online freight exchange and digital freight forwarder at the same time; this sounded very interesting to me. Since logistics is a focus of my studies, I decided to apply at Saloodo!.

Uncomplicated, positive application process

I made my decision to do this logistics internship at Saloodo! after the pleasant and friendly contact with the HR department. We talked about my studies, Saloodo!, and what I would expect from my internship. The conversation was informal and I was treated very equally. The following week, I met my boss in the final interview. We had a great conversation and hit it off right away. I was told what tasks I would have to do and an objective for the internship was set. In general, the working atmosphere was very positive.

Is this what a modern logistics internship looks like?

My first week consisted mainly of onboarding and installing my workstation (laptop, work phone, etc.). Each department introduced themselves to me and explained exactly what they do on the Saloodo! digital platform. Thus, I got a good insight into the activities of Saloodo! during the first week. In general, everyone was interested in me as a person and it was clear how important teamwork is at Saloodo!.

My tasks as an intern in Digital Logistics Operations

As a Digital Logistics Operator at Saloodo! my main task is to support our carriers. This includes, for example, onboarding carriers to our platform or managing and reviewing shipments. Other tasks are e.g. creating email campaigns for new tours, manual postings or process descriptions.

Very flat hierarchies ensure

My boss is Miriam, 32 years old and has been with Saloodo! for over 5 years. Miriam is a Senior Carrier Manager, and is responsible for all of our customers that fall within the area of the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) association. She makes sure that I never get bored and integrates me daily into her exciting workday, but also into many projects.

The big question: Are you valued as an intern?

Fortunately, my biggest fear was not confirmed. I was given meaningful tasks that were also valuable for the company. My boss, she integrated me completely into her area of responsibility, and I was allowed to complete tasks freely and independently. She planned enough time for various topics. I was allowed to hold conversations with customers independently, process administrative tasks on the platform, design tender invitations, and when I had queries, I never had the feeling that they were inappropriate.

On the contrary, they wanted to make sure that I processed tasks independently and correctly. My highlight so far was a business meeting at Saloodo!: It was super interesting, to follow the complete processing of this meeting, but also to participate.

Check our career page for open positions for a Digital Logistics Internship.



Philipp Schreyer
Philipp Schreyer is Saloodo!’s digital logistics operations intern – who is not just looking over a shoulder. He is in the middle of the action and learning as much as he can.

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