Meet Dahlia – An Incredible Internship Opportunity at Saloodo!

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We all want a chance to develop our skills, and that’s why you should consider an internship with Saloodo!. Dahlia, our new marketing intern, can tell you that it’s truly incredible! At Saloodo!, Dahlia Jorge Mahfoud gained her first experience in CRM and email marketing. After a short time, she was already independently creating customer newsletters and analyzing their performance. In this article, Dahlia talks about her experiences as an intern at Saloodo!

I’ll admit it, these past two years were tough on me, but let’s be honest, it was tough on everybody. It wasn’t easy to simultaneously try to pursue my bachelor’s degree and find a suitable internship during the midst of an intense global pandemic. The struggle, however, was worth it in the end, since the yellow brick road took me all the way to Saloodo!’s doorstep.

The Freedom to Think Creatively and Work Independently

Internship MarketingAt the moment, I am slowly approaching the second month of my internship at Saloodo! and I can’t even begin to describe all that I have learned over the past month. From day 1, I was made to feel like I was a member of the Saloodo! family, and more than just that, I felt appreciated and listened to. I also couldn’t have asked for a more extraordinary group of people to work with. In truth, this company gave me something that I have always valued, and that is the freedom of expression.

As a member of the marketing team, with a focus on email marketing, my tasks mainly involve creating monthly newsletters about a wide range of topics, writing summaries on blogs and articles, and focusing on email content. Writing is something that I have always loved, and this internship has given me the opportunity to do this without any restraints. My team at Saloodo! allows me to work independently, and they continuously support me at every turn. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Some Experiences of This Internship are Invaluable

Internship Digital Logistics

As you can see, I have only been doing this internship for a month, but I have already grown to care very deeply for my colleagues. I also know that no matter where the roads of life may lead after this internship comes to an end, I will always look back at Saloodo! with a great fondness in my heart.



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Internship Marketing


Dahlia Jorge Mahfoud
Dahlia recently graduated with honors from Schiller International University in Heidelberg/Germany, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in International Economics. After completing her studies, she naturally wanted to hone and polish all the skills she learned at university by gaining real work experience. That was when Dahlia came across the internship opportunity in the Marketing team at Saloodo!.

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