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To understand what impact digitalization has on your daily workflow can radically transform your business. It is now the best time to start reaping the benefits of online logistics processes available at your fingertips.  To use a digital freight platform goes beyond having access to a live database of instant freight or vehicle capacity. The rise of real-time technology solved some of the most deep-rooted challenges that traditional logistics operators had to constantly struggle and face on their own before the word ‘’digital’’ even existed.

What sets the new marketplace apart from the traditional freight industry it is the ease and speed with which you can switch from offline processes (time-consuming negotiations, empty runs, and late payments) to online processes (automatic status updates, transparent pricing information, guaranteed payment).  And the best part? You are just a few clicks away.

How to choose

Probably one of the most important steps in adopting a digital culture is to first understand why you need to reevaluate your business modelAccording to recent commercial transport trends, 2016 has been a breakout year for major technological changes despite facing a market resistance. This means that sooner or later, embracing innovation will no longer be a choice but a necessity. The race to reinvent the transport sector becomes more pronounced than ever before. As the trends continue to impact the future of logistics and transportation, the question remains – how can you choose what works best in your business operations? 

As a carrier

If 30-50% of your truck capacity is not used, the first step should be to find an online logistic solution that will market your company’s capabilities, expand your customer base and help you locate freight to fill empty trucks at no extra costs.  If you find it challenging to optimize your vehicle capacity because of time pressure or due to last-minute transport booking cancellations then you should probably aim for a marketplace which offers access to a large number of shipments across various regions and which can provide you with the fastest and most efficient way to find more jobs and increase revenue.  

If you spend a lot of time negotiating rates for spot requests directly with shippers who only compare prices or if you encounter problems in the shipping processes, (such as incorrect addresses or different order specifications) then go for a contract partner who will act as your main point of contact and who will be responsible for the overall communication between you and the shipper as well as for the payment transactions.  

To chase transport status updates or address delayed payment processes are probably some of the most time-consuming tasks you must deal with as a carrier. Why not simplify your daily workflow? Imagine getting automated status updates through a free driver app that can allow you to keep in contact with your driver throughout the transport journey and accelerate your payment processes.

As a shipper

Finding reliable carriers for ad-hoc shipments can become difficult, especially when you need to describe your shipment requirements to different transport service providers and get offers to compare.  You should choose an online logistic solution able to respond to your needs with immediate access to verified carriers. In addition, you should also benefit from a shipment wizard which makes it hassle free for you to enter your transport details and to navigate smoothly through the entire transport process.  

If coordinating communication with carriers is a challenge, imagine the amount of time you would save if instead of chasing calls to find out about the current status of your shipments, you would get notified in real-time at every step of the transport and use a structured dashboard to view and manage all shipments.  

With a contract partner, you are able to complete your transaction with a single point of contact and still enjoy the freedom of choosing the carrier you prefer. In addition, you can also benefit from transaction-based electronic invoices reducing inaccuracies, as all shipment information and transport documents can be accessed at a simple touch of a button.

The future of transport Begins with you, today!  

Nilu Masrour, one of the authors of the Saloodo! blog.

Nilufar Masrour

Nilu Masrour is a Content Marketing Manager at Saloodo!. Previously based in London, she used to generate all types of content ideas and make up sentences for a living. Not much has changed, except for an interest in the German culture, logistics and technologies impacting our society. Like her bio, she’s still a work in progress.

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