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As a start-up backed-up by DHL, a leading expert of road freight services in Europe, we understand why freight transport can often be an unfamiliar territory, proving both costly and time-consuming. This is particularly apparent when sourcing transportation services. Optimizing the shipment processes of other start-ups and small businesses is our core mission. We tackle this by leveraging modern technology, which in turn enables us to get rid of the traditional, lengthy and offline logistics processes.

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With the insights of a world’s leading logistics company, we combine the expertise and infrastructure of a global player with the flexibility and digital know-how of a start-up. We help our shippers get their goods transported from A to B and our carriers reduce empty runs by optimizing the capacity of their trucks.


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To offer true e2e digitalized processes to our customers. Our entire business is based on data: our business goals are translated from problems which are solved with data. We are driven to deliver real value add for our customers and to make their lives easier.


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To be The most trusted real time fully digital logistics company. Our vision is to simplify the daily business of our customers and carriers by providing a single and convenient interface for tracking, documentation and payment.


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To offer B2B companies instant access to trusted road freight providers for on-demand shipments, with the freedom of choice of a marketplace and the security and convenience of a digital freight forwarder.

“ Our customers are the focus of everything we do. „

– Thomas Grunau, CEO Saloodo! –

Grow with us

As families do, we push each other to become better every day and we are not apologetic about it, as we recognize and nurture one’s potential until it shapes in the ability to succeed with full trust and the speed of light. If this approach resonates with you, then you just might be the one for us.

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Fast Learning & Development

With a can-do attitude, our team takes business seriously. We learn from each other and care about development the most. Therefore, we invest in our people and offer growth opportunities at every step.

Working Hours

  • Work from home
  • Flexible working times

Tuition reimbursement

  • Lessons
  • Courses
  • Workshops

Unbeatable Knowledge & Expertise

We are guided by a set of values that steer how we create, act, work together as well as untangle what it would seem to be the world’s most puzzling circumstances to achieve our goals.

Travel assistance

  • Subsidized train tickets
  • Free parking spaces

Team Events

  • International lunches
  • Team building activities
  • Nerf gun battles
  • Table soccer tournaments
  • BBQs

Multicultural & Talented Team

Our team is incredibly diverse with over 20 nationalities and has vast expertise in their own fields. We are actively building an international and dynamic group so you can feel at home in our offices.

Health & Fitness

  • Gym membership discount
  • Ergonomic office furniture

International Relocation

  • Flights
  • VISA application
  • Temporary accommodation

What our colleagues say

Employee of the Saloodo! company.
Rema Dew, Finance

''Our culture and employees are the reasons why I would highly recommend Saloodo!. Working in finance gives me the opportunity to build on my background and be close to the core business. I interact with many different stakeholders on a weekly basis and this makes it an exciting environment for me.''
Stefan Heißengerg, Design & Development

''Working at Saloodo! means user-centred thinking for both sides in an exciting marketplace. Using new workflows like Atomic Design, building digital libraries or working in cross-functional teams using Scrum. It also means more focus on data and AI to increase the customer experience.''
Alessio Brown, Data & Strategy

''Working@Saloodo! is driven by data, focused on our customers and is learning fast. Personally I am delighted by the inflow of talent we are experiencing. I believe data is the decisive asset in logistics.''
Waseem Senjer, IT & Development

''To join Saloodo! was a surpassing opportunity to develop my skills as a developer in one of the innovation hubs in Germany. Working on a daily basis with the latest technologies in the market to develop disruptive products and services makes Saloodo! the right place to boost my career path.''
Christine Janik, Marketing

"Being among the first people to join Saloodo! helped me understand the roles and the business at an earlier stage from a very unique perspective. In marketing, I had the chance to get involved in diverse projects which widened my learning scope. Our department is fast-paced and provides a lot of opportunities for development."

How to apply

The world is data-driven. No matter your role, from entry-level to executive, we expect you to have the ability to embrace a digital mindset, be agile and think of technology as a tool for further exploration. In the digital era, this means being comfortable with the new landscape and see change as an opportunity. An innate curiosity to go beyond one’s defined work it is always a plus.

We are particularly looking for those who can seize the opportunity to explore and learn beyond the call of duty. In return, we offer you an environment where you can feel safe to experiment with your ideas and where expertise is valued and acted-upon.

Please note that the steps described below may differ depending on the job you apply for or its requirements. However, as a general rule, we comply with the process described below:



Thank you for deciding to apply with us! We’ve received your resume, portfolio and application for employment. At this stage we are currently reviewing your qualifications for the role.



One of our recruiters will contact you to discuss your application and in general, have a chat about your work experience. If there is a match, we’ll invite you to an in-person interview.



Only successful candidates will be invited to our offices. If you made it so far in the process, it means we already show a strong interest and believe in your potential.



Congratulations, you are one of us! We are happy to onboard you and we look forward to many learnings together.

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