Winter tyres for trucks: New regulations in Germany from 2020 onwards

In the coming year a legal regulation for winter tyres for trucks must be implemented. Freight forwarders and fleet managers should already be thinking about the winter season 2020.

The regulations for equipping trucks with winter tyres came into force two years ago in June, but now the transitional period granted at that time is coming to an end. The previous regulation that trucks only require winter tyres on the drive axles is valid for the last time this season. From 1 July 2020, in addition to the drive axles, the front steering axles of trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes or more must also be fitted with winter tyres in winter weather conditions.

Forwarders and fleet managers who plan to buy new tyres for the winter should already include the new winter tyre regulation for the steering axles in their considerations. Normal M+S tyres will still be recognised as winter tyres until 30 September 2024. The prerequisite, however, is that they have been produced by the end of 2017. From 1 October 2024, winter tyres will only be those marked with the Alpine symbol (symbol of a mountain with snowflake).

Anyone driving with illegal tyres on black ice or snow in future will have to pay a fine of 60 euros. If the vehicle owner orders or permits driving with illegal tyres, a fine of 75 euros will be imposed.

Daniel Mahnken, one of the authors of the Saloodo! blog.

Daniel Mahnken

Daniel Mahnken is a Senior Corporate Communications Manager at Saloodo!. As a qualified journalist, writing is practically in his blood. After studying sports journalism, he wanted to become Germany's Next Sports Commentator, but then he discovered logistics and has been stuck with it ever since.

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