Cologne, 23rd of April 2018

Efficient logistics management for small businesses

  • Saloodo! is the solution for companies short on logistics manpower
  • Customer service assists with all freight enquiries
  • Digital platform guarantees efficiency and transparency

Many small businesses are currently facing the challenge of having to compete with global companies whose sheer size gives them a number of purchasing and market advantages. This is particularly apparent when sourcing transportation services. In start-ups and smaller businesses, “logistics” can often fall by the wayside. Which is precisely where Saloodo! – the digital freight platform – comes in.

The logistics start-up has made optimising the shipment processes of other start-ups and small businesses its core mission. Logistics can often be unfamiliar territory, proving both costly and time-consuming. The digital freight platform Saloodo!, founded by Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2016, combines the specialist logistics expertise and infrastructure of a global player with the flexibility and digital know-how of a start-up.

Digital platform reduces costs and increases efficiency
Saloodo! is an online freight exchange and digital freight forwarder in one – making it the one-stop solution for transportation and logistics services. For shippers looking to transport their cargo, the platform provides all the freedom of an independent marketplace combined with the reliability and convenience of a digital freight forwarder, but with only one, central contact and contractual partner – Saloodo!.It also means that from booking through to payment, all the documents and information remain accessible in real time on the one platform.

Registration and use of Saloodo! is free of charge for both shippers and carriers. And there are no monthly or user fees. Customers simply pay for the shipments they book.

Individual user support from customer service
Shipping your cargo via Saloodo! couldn’t be easier. After logging in, just enter your shipment request on the digital freight platform.Completing the shipment request with all the relevant details is also quick and easy – even for logistics novices – thanks to Saloodo!’s smart shipment wizard. Before the request is submitted, the shipper is also given an indication of price; an estimate based on current market prices and generated by an extensive database that uses machine learning to ensure it is always up to date. This gives the customer a better idea of what shipping costs to expect.

Once the shipment request has been submitted, the shipper receives a number of offers from verified carriers and can then choose which of the carriers it would like to commission.The order is then placed (becoming a transport contract) when the client clicks on the best offer. Both the shipper and carrier can now continue to rely on Saloodo!’s expert assistance, as its customer service representatives are on hand to provided support throughout the entire shipment process.

Saloodo! is, therefore, an end-to-end service provider that small businesses, in particular, can turn to, to optimise their shipment processes.

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