Cologne, Germany, October 16, 2020

Fixed tariffs for freight forwarders of any size on Saloodo!

  • Freight forwarders can provide Rate Cards with Saloodo!
  • Fixed tariffs may apply to national or international transports
  • Saloodo! is already used by more than 30,000 shippers and over 12,000 forwarders in over 35 countries

What large networks have been using for a long time is – on the digital freight platform Saloodo! – now also possible for small road freight forwarders: The providing of Rate Cards. This offers transport companies many new business opportunities – without having to acquire transport orders themselves.

The principle of Rate Cards is very simple and applies to FTL, PTL or LTL transports: Saloodo! customers simply contact customer service and then submit a list of their transport preferences, such as routes, weight, pallet space or loading meter cluster. In addition, transport companies set their prices and determine the transport criteria for which their price is displayed. Saloodo! then finds suitable transport requests based on the criteria set and automatically submits the offer of the transport service provider to the shipper – of course with the individual price set by the freight forwarder. If the offer is booked by the shipper, Saloodo! automatically informs the freight forwarder about the upcoming transport. Transport companies need not fear unwanted orders. The Rate Cards can be taken out of the system at any time, if desired.

The use of Rate Cards on the digital freight platform is the most efficient way to acquire transport orders without having to search for them yourself. This feature takes Saloodo! customers one step further towards the automation and digitalisation of their workflows. And Saloodo! shows once again how digital features can support transport companies in their daily work.

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