Bonn, 14th of March 2018

inter.PAL and Saloodo! digitising the interchange of loading equipment

  • Free inter.PAL pallet account for Saloodo! customers
  • Save up to 100% on your pallet transport costs

The digital freight platform Saloodo! is a pioneer in digitising the transport and logistics sector, a claim now reinforced with its cooperating, inter.PAL. This Berlin-based company operates across Europe and specializes in digitising pallet exchanges, depositing and pooling solutions for Euro pallets as well as other interchangeable loading equipment. The benefits of block chain technology are now coming forward, enabling the digitisation of up to 100% of pallet transport operations – an innovation that benefits all Saloodo! customers, starting right away.

In practice, this means the possibility to continue to set up senders’ shipments on the Saloodo! platform and for transport service providers to use the same platform to submit their bids for those jobs. Once this type of transaction is complete, the sender can decide whether to use inter.PAL to exchange the loading equipment or to handle it himself.

The easiest option by far is to exchange loading equipment with the Saloodo! partner, inter.PAL. To do this, the sender and the recipient each open a free-of-charge online pallet account on inter.PAL. They can do this separately, or the sender can simply send the recipient an invitation via their inter.PAL account. On receipt of the goods, the recipient can use inter.PAL to settle the receivables incurred. At a later date, the credit balance can be paid out, physically settled or carried forward with regular online payment systems, or with a cash card. This way, they are able to store the payment method for future transport operations.

All in all, inter.PAL and Saloodo! customers save on invoicing time, the costs for transferring pallets or other load carriers, and no longer having to run separate pallet accounts for every customer. As a result, your pallet costs drop at 100% transparency.

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