Cologne, September 19th, 2018

New from Saloodo!: automatic transport offers for carriers

  • Arrange and book available space online
  • Automatically receive new transport requests
  • Dispatchers are supported by intuitive digital functions

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover, the Saloodo! digital freight platform will unveil a new feature that significantly simplifies the day-to-day business of dispatchers, carriers and shippers. This new feature gives customers the chance to take yet another step towards automating and digitising their workflow.

Most carriers will have faced the problem of a partly-filled truck and the resulting need to quickly increase capacity utilisation through traditional freight exchanges. The dispatcher enters all the relevant vehicle data and can only hope for a shipper to call, after which prices and ratios need to be negotiated. Meanwhile you still have the rest of the business to run and other trucks to schedule.

A better way to get your shipment orders
At Saloodo!, we thought there must be a way of simplifying and accelerating the whole process. So, the digital freight platform developed a completely new feature that would reduce the inefficient part of the work for all those involved. And now, all carriers can submit automatic offers in response to transport requests!

To create an automatic offer, Saloodo! customers simply click the “automatic offer” button on their dashboard. Enter your transport preferences, such as weight, loading metres, pick-up location and delivery address, then set the offer deadline and a price. Saloodo! then uses the criteria to find suitable transport requests and submits the offer on behalf of the carrier, at their suggested price. Once the offer has been booked by the shipper, Saloodo! automatically sends out a notification about the upcoming transport. This saves carriers the time they can often waste on unwanted orders. Once the automatic offer is booked, it is removed from the system. When the carriers have new truck capacities again, they simply place a new automatic offer.

Automatic offers are the most efficient way to get transport jobs without having to spend time searching for them. With this new feature, Saloodo! shows how transport companies can be supported by digital functions.

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