Cologne, 29th of March 2018

Positive results: Saloodo! celebrates one year in the market

  • Start-up continues to expand customer base
  • Number of digitally assigned transport jobs on the rise
  • New company headquarters in Cologne

The digital freight platform Saloodo! was launched one year ago. Since then, it has become an integral part of the day-to-day business operations of modern dispatchers and shipping agents.“Many start-ups like to tell a story of their humble beginnings in a garage. At Saloodo! the tale is somewhat different – our first office was over a garage,” recalls Elaine Tan with a smile. The Chief Technology Officer has been with Saloodo! from the outset and helped mastermind the launch of the digital freight platform a year ago.

A lot has happened since then. The young company has secured a permanent place in the daily operations of dispatchers and shipping agents in more than 25 European countries. An ever-increasing number of customers are now using the digital freight platform, not least because of the many useful features that Saloodo! offers. “Our customers are the focus of everything we do. We communicate very closely with them and know exactly what they want from us. Our advantage is that we are an exceptionally agile company, so things don’t usually take very much time from customer request to implementation,” explains Thomas Grunau, CEO of Saloodo! “Recently we devised a digital solution that saves our customers a lot of hassle when exchanging pallets, which isn’t exactly one of the highlights in the logistics sector.”

This customer focus is now being experienced daily by more than 10,000 shipping firms and over 6,000 freight forwarders with around 250,000 trucks travelling to over 25 European countries. These are numbers that demand attention, not least as Saloodo! has only been on the marketplace for around a year. “We are seeing a steady increase in transportation contracts that are being concluded via Saloodo!  And we are successfully winning over customers who simply want to test out how they can complete their jobs on our digital platform without using the phone or fax,” says Thomas Grunau.

This growth is also reflected in terms of employee numbers. Although the office above the garage was sufficient for the four initial members of staff, the team quickly expanded and outgrew this space. Just in time for the company’s first anniversary, Saloodo! has now moved from Bonn to Cologne. It is now based in a new, considerably larger building with plenty of space to expand even further.

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