Cologne, 16th of November 2018

The digital freight platform Saloodo! is expanding into the Netherlands

  • Saloodo! digitalizes the entire supply chain
  • Digital freight platform fully accessible in Dutch
  • Market price available in real time through machine learning
A screenshot of the Saloodo! dashboard in Dutch.
The Saloodo Dashboard!

The digital freight platform Saloodo! continues to grow – and is now also accessible from the Netherlands. This step means greater convenience and efficiency for all parties involved in shipments in the Netherlands in terms of posting shipment requests on the digital freight platform or carriers finding shipping orders.

Up to now, Saloodo! customers have been able to use the digital freight platform to handle the shipment of their items within Germany as well as from Germany to Europe and from Europe to Germany. As of now, the digital freight marketplace is also available to users in the Netherlands for national shipments and for shipping orders from the Netherlands to other European countries and vice versa.

The digital freight platform Saloodo! is a pioneer in the area of digitalization in the transport and logistics industry. Saloodo! customers benefit from the end-to-end digital handling of their shipments, without lengthy price negotiations on the telephone and conclusion of contracts via fax. It’s a concept that’s going down well: More than 10,000 shippers and over 6,000 freight forwarders with around 250,000 available trucks are already working with Saloodo!.

Digital platform reduces costs and increases efficiency
Saloodo! is an online freight exchange and digital freight forwarder in one. The benefit to shippers looking to transport their cargo is that the digital freight platform provides all the freedom of an independent marketplace combined with the reliability and convenience of a digital freight forwarder. But irrespective of which transport service provider they choose for their shipment, shippers and carriers only ever have one, central contract partner and point of contact to deal with – Saloodo!. It also means that from booking through to payment, all the documents and information remain accessible in real time on the one platform. All of which makes Saloodo! an optimal end-to-end solution for the entire shipping process.

More than just a freight exchange
Saloodo! also provides carriers with innovative functions that make their daily business routine easier and more efficient . The dynamic transport pricing calculator, which is based on real-time data and specially developed algorithms, helps carriers make their shipping offers more competitive.

Drivers are notified immediately, via the innovative Saloodo! driver app – also available in Dutch – of which order they will be handling. All the necessary information regarding pending delivery runs is sent directly to their smartphone. Proof of delivery, invoices and any damage during on- and off-loading can also be documented directly in the app. Saloodo! enables the entire shipment handling process to be digitally displayed and managed, including freight document administration, billing and payment. Since Saloodo! is the contract partner and the point of contact, carriers benefit from short payment terms with invoices being paid within just 14 days.

So there are many good reasons to experience the future of the transport business with Saloodo!.

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