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Saloodo! makes it easy for shippers to find reliable transport providers in a matter of clicks – and helps transport providers find suitable loads to optimize your truck capacity

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Your Digital Freight Platform
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Saloodo! for Shippers

Step 1: Specify your shipment
Step 2: Compare and book quotes instantly
Step 3: Track and manage your shipment
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Saloodo! for Shippers explained in 90 seconds

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Saloodo! for Transport Providers

Step 1: Register and get access to large number of shipments
Step 2: Make competitive quotes to win suitable loads
Step 3: Manage your bookings via Driver APP
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Saloodo! for Transport Providers explained in 90 seconds

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Fast payout
Paperless transport documentation
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Klaus Weyer

Weyer Logistik GmbH

Due to the use of Saloodo! I receive freight queries which I would not have received otherwise. It allows us to plan truck routes at an early stage. But best is how the process with our delivery data is handled. Scan, print credit and that's it. It could not be better.

Benjamin Swiecznik

Disposition National, DHL Freight GmbH

Well structured and very easy to use platform. A number of carriers submit an offer for our loads, which means that we already have been able to reduce our costs. Because of the fact that all transport providers on Saloodo! will be checked extensively, we have a "safer" feeling about the delivery of our shipments. The feature "milestones" makes it much easier for us to control the transport status because we are always up-to-date. In summary, Saloodo! offers us many advantages in our daily workflow.

Cengiz Yesildag

Sales Manager, HT Logistik & Handling GmbH

On Saloodo! I find short-term transport orders. This is really great for us and our vehicles, because through Saloodo! we find suitable loads, by which we can avoid empty trips and fully utilize its vehicle capacity. What I particularly like is the simple operation of Saloodo!. And in my personal dashboard I can collect all the documents. I do not have the paperwork.

Sygns experience with Saloodo!

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Sygns experience with Saloodo!
"The good thing about it is that it's all in one application. Start-up companies have better things to do than to look for hours for the right transport provider. A platform like Saloodo saves you a huge amount of time to find the right transport provider."
- Sygns

ULS experience with Saloodo!

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ULS experience with Saloodo!
"Saloodo simplifies the communication between the consignor and the logistics department and also between us and the driver. Saloodo is a digital platform that helps us generate and coordinate orders."

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